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Student Success Stories

photograph of Health Advocacy program graduate and health care advocate Donna Smith

From Human Resources to Health Advocacy

Donna Smith was only four years old when she had a life-saving surgery to repair a complex congenital heart defect—and her parents’ health insurance saved them from any resulting financial... continue reading From Human Resources to Health Advocacy

Photo of Jyotiska Chaudhuri

Fusing Bench Research With Patient Treatments

Jyotiska Chaudhuri’s résumé is impressive.

Making a New Career as an Editor

Like Marie Coreil, you might already have a long, satisfying career in one industry when you suddenly find yourself wanting to pursue something new. For 23 years, Marie had taught medical... continue reading Making a New Career as an Editor

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Latest Voices Blog Posts

Last month, we looked at mindfulness—understanding your own emotions to meet and achieve your goals. This month, we take this a step further by looking at how you can work effectively by managing your emotions and relating to the emotions of your co-workers.

Be All You Can Feel

Last month, we looked at ... continue reading Be All You Can Feel

Businesswoman in a meeting looks at the camera

Brand You, Part 2

Take creating your own brand one step further by creating a résumé that reflects your new brand statement and that employers will want to read.

4 Keys to Emotional Intelligence

Clip and save this infographic.

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